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Charity - Forest of Dean (HP Yarn Club April 2017)



NOTE: This yarn is exclusive to the Harry Potter Yarn Club and its members.  Please do not purchase if you are not a member.  I will refund any purchase made outside the club.  Thanks!

Harry: Where are we?
Hermione: Forest of Dean.  I came here once with Mum and Dad. That was years ago. It's just how I remember it. The trees, the river, everything. Like nothing's changed... not true of course. Everything's changed. If I brought them back here now, they'd probably not recognize any of it. Not the trees, not the river...not even me. Maybe we should just stay here, Harry. Grow old...

The Forest of Dean is a geographical, historical and cultural region in the western part of Gloucestershire, England. It is widely considered a beautiful and calm place.

Hermione and Harry camped in this forest during their Horcrux search, trying to avoid captivity and staying in one place for too long. They would take turns watching the tent for trouble, sharing one wand between them. Whilst there, the forest was snowy, and its lake was frozen. It was during their stay in the forest that Professor Snape returned Godric Gryffindor’s sword to Harry by using his Patronus to guide him to where he had placed it in the frozen lake.

Give yourself an exceptionally joyous yarn experience with Charity. This single-ply yarn is soft and smooth to the touch and reflects light and color like no other. Single-ply yarns can be prone to pilling, but Charity's tight twist provides exceptional strength and durability. Garments and accessories in Charity are stunning (for socks, we recommend Glory, Gluttony Sock, or Superstition). Available in all of our solid, semi-solid, and variegated colorways.
Hand dyed in Los Angeles
100% superwash merino wool 
Approx. 400 yards/100 grams
Fingering weight
Suggested gauge: 7-8 sts = 1 inch on US1-3
Hand or machine wash cold/tumble dry low

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